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Download Basic Shapes1 Kids Dots Preview

Printable Shape Practice Sheets for Kids

Children have so much to learn to operate in the world. Print out these pages  for basic shape recognition, as well as reading and writing practice. Download Basic Shapes1 Kids Children can colour them in and practice the sounds. They may start to recognise the words for reading practice. Download Download Basic Shapes1 Kids Dots […]

Combine meal planning and garden planning

Planning a Vegetable Garden with Meals in Mind

Last year, we grew our first “garden.” It wasn’t much, just a couple of pepper plants, tomato plants, peas and carrots (oh, and some failed lettuce). Now that I’m looking at expanding our garden, I want to keep in mind my meal plans as I choose which vegetables to grow. Here are a few ideas […]

10 Simple Pimple Remedies from the Kitchen

10 Simple Pimple Remedies from the Kitchen

Acne has always been an issue for me and my super sensitive skin. It is a redhead thing. All doctor-prescribed and over-the-counter remedies made the problem worse. They just irritate skin and remove the delicate acid balance that prevents infection. Through this irritation and removal of the delicate skin barrier, the skin fights back by producing even more […]

Brew your own kombucha tea

Kombucha Tea Recipe– Cider with Health Benefits and History

Kombucha tea has its roots in Russian, Japanese, and Chinese history; all claim to have originated the brew. Even India has laid claim to its discovery. Although it got its start in Europe or Asia, in the last 10 years kombucha has gone from non-existent in the United States to a booming industry. As of […]

Review of Organic Gender as a gender prediction method

Did Organic Gender Predict Correctly?

A few months ago, I was still pregnant with child number four, and Organic Gender sent us their gender prediction kit for review. I blogged about it at the time, along with other gender prediction methods. You guys shared your trusty tells, and we all waited. And waited. My kids “cook” for awhile.   If […]

Smoothie Recipe Roundup on Untrained Housewife

14 Smoothies for A Delicious Morning Health Boost

Mornings can be hectic around here, and getting enough of a morning meal in to hold us off until the next break is not always easy. Fortunately, smoothies can be loaded with nutrition and are very simple to make. Try these recipes in your morning routine. Kid Friendly Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter   is a […]