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How to Sew Your Own Advent Calendar

How to Sew Your Own Advent Calendar

One project I’ve been pondering for years is making my own Advent calendar. So I hopped online for ideas, found the gorgeous Flickr pool of handmade Advent treasures, got good and inspired.


DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

So time and logic aside, let’s talk Advent Calendars. There are plenty of nice ones you could buy from any store, but come on, if I can make one, you can make one. And my DIY Advent Calendar will cost you less money and look that much cuter on display in your house.

Simple Stand Mixer Cornbread

Simple Homemade Cornbread

This makes a big cornbread about 4 inches high. Leftovers tend to be dry, but I use them up in stuffing and homemade shake n bake. So make a batch now, and have some ready for stuffing on Thursday!

Buy up batches of overripe bananas and make this easy banana bread in your stand mixer.

Easy Stand Mixer Banana Bread

Buy a bunch of overripe, spotty bananas (usually at a discount) and make multiple batches for your freezer or for holiday gifts.