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Instead of plasti bags of junk food, paint favors together at the party. More Go Green birthday party tips @UntrainedHW

Eco Friendly Birthday Party

Having an eco-friendly birthday party is not that difficult when you apply a little bit of imagination. It also sets a great example. There’s no downside!

Teaching my Kids Life Skills #2min2x – Plus a Giveaway!

When’s the last time you felt like you’d had a good parenting moment in just a couple minutes. This video made me laugh because it’s really almost impossible! There are so few things you can actually teach your kids in just two minutes, eh? That’s what I love about the Ad Council campaign to promote […]

Lemon Blueberry Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake Recipe

Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake With Cinnamon Swirl

Lemon and blueberry is like a flavor match made in heaven. Truly. So, I decided to try my hand at this combination but adapted from a sour cream blueberry cake recipe that my husband’s grandmother had in an anonymous newspaper column clipping.