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Homemade Boston baked beans

Homemade Boston Baked Beans

Boston baked beans make such a versatile side dish, from warm winter comfort food to summer barbeque side dish. I really love this recipe for them and hope you do, too!

Bamboo is sturdy and environmentally friendly. These are my favorite bamboo baby products.

Bamboo Cloth Diapers & Baby Products

Fabric made from bamboo is silky soft. Toys made from bamboo hold up to boys far better than any plastic. Cloth diapers made from bamboo are absorbent and have natural antibacterial properties – just what you want in a cloth diaper.

Pear and Peach Cobbler

Pear and Peach Cobbler from Scratch

Cobbler is a time honored comfort food, and it’s very easy to make. I like using my stand mixer to make it extra simple and to cut back on clean up.