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How to prepare your family for days you need to stay in to avoid disease spread.

Four Ways to Prepare for Disease Spread

It is just common sense to be prepared to keep the family at home for a few days, should an ebola case be identified in your area, or when the flu goes around later in the year. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare your family to stay away from public contact.


What is Organic Gardening?

It’s important to understand that organic gardening is not just a matter of substituting a dangerous chemical pesticide for a natural one.

Every relationship has its own quirks, but here are some ways to show affection no matter what - kids, parents, couples, friends alike.

Ways to Show Affection in Any Relationship

Calm and peaceful relationships with those close to us can and will lead to better sleep, less stress, and an overall feeling of well being and high-self esteem, for all parties involved.