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Basic Shapes2 Kids Dots Preview

More Basic Shapes Practice for Kids

Try these printables for more shape recognition, reading and writing practice. Start with the solid shapes to colour or scribble in. Download Basic Shapes2 Kids Print out this page to practice writing and drawing shapes by joining the dotted lines. Download Basic Shapes2 Kids Dots Date these and stick into a journal for future reference […]

Where to find answers and support when you are facing a hysterectomy.

Knowing Your Hysterectomy Options

I have learned a lot about hysterectomies this year. (Think I should put that on my resume?) Did you know there are several ways to remove a woman’s reproductive system? Did you know it can be done without opening up the abdomen? Who knew! Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned. Types of Hysterectomies Total […]

Extra Rich Wheat-White Bread

Perfecting the Gold Medal White-Wheat Bread Recipe

  This recipe has been adapted from the Gold Medal Classic White Bread Recipe on the Gold Medal Website. It is usually on the bag of white bleached flour. It took me nearly six months of weekly test batches to get it to turn out right. The biggest issue with their recipe is the hot […]

Cleaning Bombs Recipe (Makes 27 Cleaning bombs)

Recipe for Natural Cleaning Bombs

  These are much like bath bombs and can be used for toilets, garbage disposals, microwaves,toilets, pots, pans, sinks, baking sheets, and even dish washers. They differ from bath bombs because they do not have salt or moisturizing oils added. They also might sting a little if used in the bath due to the higher […]

Download Basic Shapes1 Kids Dots Preview

Printable Shape Practice Sheets for Kids

Children have so much to learn to operate in the world. Print out these pages  for basic shape recognition, as well as reading and writing practice. Download Basic Shapes1 Kids Children can colour them in and practice the sounds. They may start to recognise the words for reading practice. Download Download Basic Shapes1 Kids Dots […]