25 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

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Mason Jars are not just for canning foods (confession, I have never canned a fruit or vegetable, but if you are interested in canning here’s a great guide to get you started on Untrained Housewife). There are endless possibilities when it comes to using the nostalgic American icon that is the mason jar. I snag one whenever I see them at a thrift store or garage sale. Here are 25 of my favorite ways to use a mason jar.

How to Use Mason Jars Creatively

 Decorating with Mason Jars

1. Flower Vase – perfect centerpiece for any dinner party, or just to brighten up a weeknight meal and here is a tutorial for painting your mason jar vase a solid color from Blissfully Domestic or painting it with a transparent frosty look on the glass.

2. Candle Holder – for any backyard parties I fill the base of the jar with sand (or any non-flammable material) and place a votive in. These work great as luminaries as well. Or set a line of these on your dining room table to instantly dress up any dinner.

3. Terrarium – make your own mason jar terrarium. Here’s a tutorial from Life’s a Garden So Dig It.

4. Mason Jars with candles hung from iron plant hooks in the backyard – perfect for summer!

5.  Homemade Vanilla Extract – Not only valuable, but also a fabulous gift. In a decorative glass jar? Winning!

6. Mason Jar turned hanging wall vase tutorial from Blissfully Domestic.

 Organizing with Mason Jars

7. Coin Jar – I keep one large jar in the kitchen to collect loose change.

8. Bathroom Storage – Use the mason jar to hold cotton balls and use a votive that fits in the opening of the mason jar to hold cotton swabs.

9. Pantry storage – I use mason jars to store baking supplies such as chocolate chips and sliced almonds as well as foods I buy in bulk like brown rice and quinoa. Check out this bulk herb storage in mason jars post by Lowe’s Creative Ideas team.

10. Office Supplies – Store pens, markers, pencils in an open jar and keep paper clips and other small office supplies in one place by using a jar with a lid.

11. Homemade Cleaners – if you make any homemade cleaners than store the surplus in a mason jar with a lid – just make sure to label them.

12. Shaker – turn a mason jar into a shaker for craft glitter, spices, baking supplies etc using the lid from a grated cheese container

13. Tool bench storage – separate screws, nuts, bolts and any other tool bench items using mason jars.

Strawberry Shortcake in a Mason Jar

Cooking with Mason Jars

14. Blissfully Domestic has a recipe for Strawberry Shortcake in a mason jar. Enough said.

15. Drinking Glass – Tie a ribbon around the top and add a colorful straw and these are great for a party. I also use a mason jar with a handle for my coffee mug.

16. Cookie Mix in a Jar – Makes a great gift for any occasion.

17. Simple Chocolate Fudge Cake in a Jar Recipe – YUM! You should add this to your list of must-eat recipes because how delicious.

18. Herb Wall Garden – I have a seen a few different versions of this but here are my two favorites from

Stacy from Not Just a Housewife and Claire at Camille Styles.

19. Meals in a Jar – PrepareWise has 12 Mason Jar Recipes for meals. These would be great for your own meal planning (especially if you pack your lunch for work) or for when you are delivering meals to a new mom or under-the-weather friend. Big Red Kitchen has some tips for mason jar meals.

See 5 more fabulous Mason Jar Ideas in Gifting With Mason Jars on Page 2.

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  1. says

    Love the idea of using mason jars for dessert recipes. I have so many from canning. What a cute way to display desserts for a picnic or cookout. Think I’ll have try some gingham ribbon around the edge with a spoon for a great “country” theme on our next cookout. Thanks for the tip.

    • says

      Oooh that’s a cute idea – there really are endless possibilities! Whenever I see them at a thrift shop I grab them – and lately I have found coupons for them and I stock up when they are on sale at the grocery store:)

  2. Clarissa says

    You have chosen what I personally consider to be one of the best titles for a web site/blog. The title resonated with me because I too was an untrained housewife and mother. Literally had to teach myself everything. As a wife, mother and grammie now, I have plenty of experience, but am still learning. That’s why I love the phrase, ‘Relearning the lost skill of homemaking’. I don’t think I will ever be finished learning, nor do I want to be. This is a journey I love and enjoy. I never leave comments, but you deserved a good one. Blessings dear lady!

    • says

      I appreciate that a lot. My motto for this year was “Embrace the Journey” and I feel like that is something to never stop doing. This life we’ve chosen of home and family and intentional living isn’t an easy one but it’s worth it – so worth it. And sweeter for the friends we meet along the way who encourage us with their timely words. :-) Thank you!


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