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The Untrained Housewife’s Heart

“Help! My mother never taught me to cook!” Her plea rang out across the e-group we were both members of and resonated with my own frustrations. I am a homemaker, stay-at-home mother, housewife, chief cook-and-bottle-washer and I am largely untrained.

Which simply means that my house is often a wreck, my family scrounges for food amongst the science-experiment that is my refrigerator and my attempts at teaching my children are sporadic at best. Does that resonate with YOUR frustrations? Good! Then there is hope.

As I recently told a friend, I’m not calling these “areas of weakness.” I’m calling these areas of huge growth potential! Doesn’t that sound like fun? I love growing and learning new things almost as much as I hate doing dishes.

Now, let me just say here that my children are happy and healthy. We have wonderful fun at our house…jumping on the couch (when we can find it), running around outside (in usually matching shoes). And the meals I make are always delicious (when they aren’t a bit overcooked). But, I definitely have areas of growth potential. I’ve grown a lot already these past four years of wifedom and enclosed you’ll find tips and tricks I’ve used myself, and others I’ve gathered from wise friends around the world.

What areas are you needing help in? Cooking and menu planning? Time management or frugal living? There are so many issues a homemaker must tackle. God wouldn’t call us to do something that we aren’t capable of tackling and conquering. So together we are gathering the resources of the Titus2 wisdom.

So – let’s you and I go on an adventure together as we strive to embrace our calling as wives and mothers – queens of our homes. Together we will be learning and growing in huge ways!

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