How to Make Money Raising Chickens at Home


You know there is nothing like naturally grown, organic eggs and chicken meat fresh from your own backyard in terms of taste and quality. This could actually be your marketing pitch when you begin making a small side business out of your chickens.


Who to Place in Charge of Family Finances

Handling Family Finances

It’s best to have just one person in charge of the family finances. This prevents questions over what money has gone out when, and makes saving and clearing debts much easier. That one person needs to have access to all the different checking and saving accounts, as well as credit card statements, loans and the […]


Setting Up Your First Family Budget

I remember hearing all the time about how important a budget was. The problem is that I’m useless with numbers. I don’t mind using spreadsheets, but when it comes to doing calculations within them and working with numbers, I’m useless. There’s a possibility that you are too, and it may be putting you off starting […]


5 Tips for Taking Control of Your Debt

How to get your debt under control

Part of taking control of your finances is controlling your debt. This can seen daunting at first, especially if you have thousands of dollars worth, with it spread all over the place. But it is possible. About five years ago, I was in some serious debt. I got a credit card without really understanding much […]


Initials, Inc. Personalized Bag Preview and Giveaway

Signature Monogram Bag Giveaway

Initials, Inc is fun direct sales company that is giving us a new way to approach our search for the perfect handbag or tote. I love when I can purchase an item I need, get a higher quality for my money, and support another woman work from home and supporting her family! It’s a win/win/win!  […]


Understanding the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball – How Does it Work?

Photo Credit to Alan Cleaver on Flickr

Dave Ramsey has been a financial counselor for years helping families across America become debt-free and build solid wealth. Does the Debt Snowball work? Dave Ramsey’s term, the Debt Snowball, is part of his series towards financial freedom. In fact, the Debt Snowball is the second step, usually one of the longest, hardest and most misunderstood […]