Crafting Animals From Toilet Paper Rolls

We all probably know a crafty sort of person who can make something from nothing. Give them a piece of paper and half an hour, and they’ll build an authentic replica of a castle. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. That’s why I look for simple crafts that use everyday objects. These toilet paper tube animal ideas require very little artistic skill, and you’ll end up with a sweet menagerie of homemade animals!

The Leggy Octopus

This one’s easy! Turn a toilet paper tube into an octopus. Decorate the top half of the tube with an octopus face. Then place the tube on end and make cuts about halfway up the tube. Cut to make eight legs. Keep the paper attached to the center of the toilet paper roll. Roll the leg parts gently in toward the toilet paper roll, and you’ll have a little octopus that can sit down on its funny little legs!

Cute Little Owls

My daughter loves, loves, loves owls. A sweet little owl from a toilet paper tube would be just perfect for her. Pinch the top of the tube in until it makes a “u” shape, and you’ll have the look of a Great Horned Owl.

Draw on the tube to create an owl’s face and feet. If your artistic skills are feeling a little more minimal, there are also owl printables that you can place on the tubes.

A Simple Tube Butterfly

After you make a caterpillar, you’ll need a butterfly as well! Decorate a tube with fancy colors or roll it in a piece of colorful paper, then cut out butterfly wings from paper. Glue them to the back of the tube. Add googly eyes and paper antennae to the top of the tube if you wish, and you’ll have a super simple butterfly!

Silly Tube Sheep

This craft is so cute, and it’s perfect for the preschooler set who might be more into the glue than the decorating. Cut out four little feet from cardboard and glue them onto a tube laid horizontal. Cut out a sheep’s head from black construction paper and glue it onto one end of the tube. Add googly eyes and other decorations to make the sheep’s face. Now, cover the entire tube with white glue, and add cotton balls to create a wooly sheep!


Hop Along Bunny

This is the perfect springtime craft for older kids! Place a toilet paper tube on end, and cut out some big feet to tape inside the bottom of the tube.

Add googly eyes on the top, and cut out two long ears. Tape the ears to the inner part of the top of the tube. Decorate your bunny however you wish!


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