Dandelion Infused Lotion

Dandelions are not really weeds.  They have so many uses and are so versatile!   In salads, wine, and even lotion — yes, lotion!  It makes a soothing after gardening salve for your hands.  And, today I am going to show you how.

First, pick the heads of the dandelions, and lay out to dry.  I placed mine on a dehydrator try and just set outside in the sun.  You don’t want to bring this into your house just yet, due to possible ants and bugs in the flowers…just trust me on this one, mmmmkay?

After they have dried for several hours, or overnight, you will need to make your infusion.

1. Place the flowers in a quart sized jar and cover with olive oil.  I used pomace vs. virgin because I am not eating this, and it’s cheaper. Place the jar in a pot of water and gently heat for about 1 hour over medium heat.

2. Drain the oil into a clean jar, and you have dandelion infused oil!
3. To make your lotions, add 1 cup of this oil to 1 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup beeswax.  Melt together in a heatproof container placed in a pan of water, simmering on medium high heat.

4. When all melted, pour into a heat proof jar.  I used a 4 ounce canning jar here.  And, when cool, you will have an amazing salve!

Of course, you can make this even more versatile.  When it’s starting to cool, add 20 drops of essential oils.  Tea Tree oil will make a salve for sore joints, citronella oil will make a salve to keep mosquitos at bay, lavender and peppermint mixed will make a relaxing foot salve.

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  1. Kat says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful lotion. I am always wanting more things to make with these bright beauties!

  2. says

    I never knew you could do this with those “beautiful flowers” my boys pick for me. I have some dandelion root tea that I drink but to make a lotion with these is such a great idea.

    You mentioned a few oils – where do you get your coconut and essential oils as well as the beeswax? I have a sore rash on my leg is there an oil that would be best for relieving itch?

    • HeatherHarris says

      I get my beeswax at http://www.nuscentscandle.com/ and the coconut oil from the grocery store. The essential oils are available at our local health food store, or you can get online.
      as for the rash, I would try mashing up some oatmeal with water to make a thick paste, and leave it on there for about 20 minutes if you can. Tea tree oil is usually good for a follow up in my opinion


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