Decorating a Live Indoor Christmas Tree #LowesCreator

This year I wanted a live Christmas tree and picked up a beautiful conifer from Lowe’s. I decided on a red and silver, country Christmas theme and set about making this happen! Everything on the tree I either picked up at Lowe’s or collected from around the ranch and together the effect is really pretty and simple.

Planting the Tree in a Container

We picked out a pretty evergreen from the garden center and a simple square container. I wanted a container that would not be overpowered or clash with all the decorating I planned to do.

To plant your potted plant loosen the root ball gently. We used two sets of hands for this larger evergreen! Add potting soil mix into your container – preferably something with extra fertilizer or water-saving elements to help your potted plant survive. Fill in any gaps with soil and water it to settle the tree into the container. This container should last for a year before I need to replant the tree into the ground or larger container.

Painting Pine Cones for a Country Christmas Decoration

I painted the pine cones with metallics and glittery spray paints. Oh how I love that Valspar spray paint! I’ve tried other brands but keep coming back to the Valspar.

I like choosing a color-scheme for the smaller trees because it makes it easy to coordinate the colors and the decorating. Red. Silver. Done!

Lowe’s had the gorgeous red bows, the beautiful red beads, which I also used in this Christmas centerpiece decoration, and the red and silver small glass ornaments. We spray-painted the pinecones in metallic silver and tied them with fishing line at the top so they wouldn’t hang upside-down. I love how they gave the tree a country feel without going over the top.

I got the idea from a post on Untrained Housewife for homemade ornaments last year. And we’ve had a lot of ornament ideas that have been submitted since then. Here are five ornament ideas you could make easily at home to dress up your own tree!

Country indoor Christmas Tree in Red Silver

Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial on how I made the wooden star or snowflake at the top of the tree out of wood veneer. It was a multi-step project but I made it from the wood veneer strips you can get at Lowe’s. Spray paint, glue and voila! Rustic looking star that is perfect for your country red and silver Christmas tree!

Lowe's Creative Ideas Blogging Team

This post is part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogging team. I was provided a gift card to purchase supplies for these and other tutorials (The tree topper is coming tomorrow!) but all the ideas, photos, and content is original and my own. See more ideas for home improvement at the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Pinterest and Facebook pages! 

How can Lowe’s help you with your Christmas decorating this season?

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