DIY Nature-Themed Jewelry: Robin’s Nest Necklace

Use a bird’s nest as inspiration for a pretty necklace.

I recently saw a friend wearing a beautiful necklace with a unique, eye-catching pendant shaped to resemble a robin’s nest. I immediately coveted the piece and, once I got home, searched for similar pieces online so that I could have one of my very own. Unfortunately, the prices were nearly all outside of my range. Instead of giving up on my quest to own a bird’s nest necklace, I decided to get crafty and make my own.  Do-it-yourself jewelry is a fun activity for adults and children alike that is perfect for releasing your inner creativity.

Step 1: Purchase Your Supplies

Homemade robin’s nest necklaces require some supplies that you may not have on hand. Make a trip to your local craft store and purchase small, light blue beads, which will represent the robin’s eggs, beading wire and, if desired, jewelry cord. You will also need a pair of wire cutters, pliers and scissors, as well as a measuring tape.

Step 2: Form the Base of the Robin’s Nest 

Use the measuring tape and wire cutters to cut five, 12-inch pieces of beading wire.  Bend the end of one length of beading wire and slip on approximately three of the blue beads; bending the end ensures that the beads will not fall off of the end of the wire. Next, use the pliers to bend the wire with the beads on it so that it is in the shape of a triangle, with the beads evenly spread out to resemble the bottom of a nest. Loop the remainder of the length of wire underneath the beads to form the base of the pendant.

Step 3: Form the Robin’s Nest from the Beading Wire

Take another length of beading wire and, making a small bend at the end, hook it onto the wire you looped at the bottom in step two. Use the pliers to wrap the beading wire around the base in circles; the pendant will begin to resemble a robin’s nest as you continue to loop the wire around in a circular pattern. Repeat this step with two of the remaining 12-inch lengths of wire, or until you are pleased with the size and shape of the robin’s nest pendant.

Photo Credit to Zawezome on Flickr

Step 4: Finish the Pendant 

In a similar fashion to step three, hook your final length of beading wire onto the bottom of the robin’s nest necklace pendant. Use the pliers to wrap the wire around the beads, in an appealing way, so that the remainder of the beading wire comes out at the top.  Form a loop out of the last of the beading wire so that the robin’s nest pendant can be hung on a chain or length of jewelry cord.

Step 5: Hang the Pendant 

Measure and cut a piece of jewelry cord to the length that you desire; larger pendants often look the best on longer necklaces. Alternatively, use a chain you already have at home, such as one from an old necklace you no longer wear. String the pendant onto the jewelry cord, or chain, to finish your homemade robin’s nest necklace.  Keep the necklace to wear yourself or give it as a gift to a friend or family member.

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