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  1. I think that once you consider what you are risking, the cost of a seat for each and every one of your children becomes part of the budget. It is also interesting to me that on many of the message boards, mothers are asking, “Should I buy a seat or is it unnecessary?” The question is not that it will make the trip financially unattainable. I think many parents assume like I did that if taking a lap child is an option then it must be safe. And most parents are concerned with their child’s safety above and beyond anything else. In severe turbulence ask a parent what they would pay to buckle their child in and be able to offer their child the same protection that they themselves have.

  2. I haven’t traveled internationally with my daughters yet, except for cruises, but these tips are helpful even for tweens and older children.

  3. How far out from the travel date do you suggest we get the passports for our children? What is the average price for a child’s passport?


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