Homemade Skin and Hair Treatments with Banana

I’m all for using food in home beauty treatments. Last time, I tried a coconut milk hair treatment, which worked amazingly well, and then I found out I can use bananas for the skin and for the hair. A banana hair mask is meant to be good for dry or frazzled hair.

Homemade Banana Face and Hair Masks

I decided to try a homemade banana hair treatment… and you can read all about it below. Let’s just say I would recommend it to those who have short hair, or at least hair that is easy to comb through. It was really difficult to get the banana out of my hair.


A Home Hair Treatment with Banana

This is the basic recipe. Put two bananas through a blender. It probably helps if you blend them until the banana mash is very smooth. Add a little coconut oil or olive oil (both are good for the hair). Apply the mixture to your hair, wrap the hair into food wrap, and then cover it with a towel. Normally, I use an old towel and no plastic, but in this case you’ll want to protect your towels from the banana. Leave on for approximately 20-30 minutes before washing your hair.

Now, this is where it got tricky. It is really difficult to get the banana out of long hair. I had to wash my hair several times and use lots of conditioner to be able to comb out all the banana bits. You’ll also need to make sure you use something in the bath tub (or wherever you’re doing the treatment) to collect the bits of banana so they don’t block the drain.

The positive side was that my hair did feel smoother afterwards. The negative side was that the process was really messy. Fortunately, you can also use bananas for skin care.

An Easy Homemade Banana Face Mask

Most banana face mask recipes I found said bananas are softening and moisturizing to the skin. Some also recommended bananas for oily skin. My guess is that it’s one of those fruits that are nourishing for most skin types.

You’ll need

  • one ripe banana
  • a bit of honey – 1-2 tablespoons
  • for oily skin or acne, try adding a few drops of lemon juice

Mash the banana and add the honey. You could also do this one in the blender. Apply on a cleansed face (and neck, if you wish) and leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove thoroughly… the good thing is, it is much easier to get banana off your skin than your hair.

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    These are amazing tips to slough away those dead skin cells and reveal smooth, silky, soft skin with these all-natural ingredients that you can whip up in your kitchen for an easy, quick and affordable skin treatment.

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