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Learn & Master PhotographyWe have started enjoying one day each week that is our (essentially) “No Electronics Day”. That means not only no video games and random movies for the kids, but also no computer for mom.

One of the things I’ve filled that extra time with is learning new skills that have been interesting to me for awhile now. The first of which is Photography. I’ve wanted to learn for years now but there aren’t any photography schools nearby, and certainly none with babysitting for five kids! The answer then is a home study course I was sent to review called Learn and Master Photography.

Photography definitions are clearly given throughout.

It’s reasonably priced considering how much information you get in the kit. A lesson booklet and several DVDs that take you through the process of becoming familiar with your camera and understanding how to get it off auto-focus. I’m still learning.

Seeing the fstop numbers and aperture openings in the diagram was so helpful to me.

Lesson three is as far as I got this weekend. Lesson one discussed the history of the photograph including some of my favorite historic images, how the technology developed over the past 200 years, etc. Lesson 2 had the camera basics laid out easy to understand and I started experimenting more with aperture and depth of field. Lesson 3 discussed file management which I have covered using a mixture of Creative Memories Memory Manager Software and well named computer folders.

Practicing depth of field and catching photos of things around the house.

I can’t wait to delve deeper into the course over the next few weeks! Each lesson comes with exercises and challenges to begin implementing what you’ve been studying and I know I’m only going to continue improving in my photography skills as I go on.

Do you have a time set aside to learn new things? Even if you are like me stuck-at-home-in-the-middle-of-no-where with five kids you definitely can do something like this Learn and Master Photography Course. And when my kids get a little older we can use some of the other DVD instructional courses for teaching homeschooling extracurricular subjects. One more thing to cross off my list!

Those lashes are insane.

Want to join me each week as I practice improving my photography? I’ll post briefly what I’m learning and we can share in the forum our favorite photos related to the topic at hand ok?

And if you want to really learn along with me try picking up a copy of Learn and Master Photography for yourself.

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      It definitely make a huge difference when you are able to take the camera off the auto-focus button. Yes you can get great pics without knowing what you are doing – but developing your eye and your skills will give you a bigger percentage of great shots AND make it so the difficult situations, night, action, bright light, distracting background, etc. are no problem for you. My photography has been transforming and evolving a LOT over the last three years and in large part it’s due to taking a few hours to learn more. The advice and practical knowledge is invaluable. ESPECIALLY if you are a blogger because PR firms and companies are more likely to give you sponsored posts if you can take good photos for them.

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