Rainy Day Activities – 25 Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Whether it’s cold whether, getting the kids over the flu, or forced indoors because of rainy days keeping kids active and entertained without plopping them in front of the TV for 10 hours a day can be tough. Here are 25 rainy day activities that you can do with your kids – no TV required!

1. Make a Couch Cushion Fort – A classic kids activity, the couch cushion fort has been around since the invention of cushions. Let the kids make one and have a picnic or little snacks in there and they will create fun imaginative play for a long while.

octopus toilet paper tube roll craft

2. Toilet Paper Tube Craft Animals – I love these toilet paper tube animal crafts and they primarily use materials you are likely to have around the house already.

3. Suncatcher Crayon Craft – Use old crayon pieces to create a fun suncatcher. While this post shows leaf shaped suncatcher crafts you can use cookie cutters any shape for different holidays.

Play Doh Candy Cyclone Fun

4. Play-Doh Fun – My kids love this Candy Cyclone Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe kit and have been making gum balls and candy pieces for the last hour. Use a cookie sheet to contain the play-doh pieces if you have carpet flooring (trust me this will save you).

5. Make Glass Jar Luminaries – I love repurposing glass jars into fun craft ideas and these mason jar candle holders are customizable depending on whatever designs you use to decorate the jars.

 6. Coloring Books – The other day I colored with my kids. Not only were they super impressed with my coloring abilities (making me mother of the year – ok maybe just for the day – but I found the process very meditative and relaxing.

7. Hello Sunshine Hide and Seek – I grew up playing “huckle-buckle-beanstalk” as a child. You hide an object in a sneaky but visible area and when the others spot it they say “Huckle Buckle Beanstalk!” without touching it (or hopefully giving away where it’s hidden). The Hello Sunshine stuffed toy can be exactly the same concept and it perfect for toddlers and up.

rustic garden markers that are easy to make

8. Make Garden Markers – We love gardening as a family so some of these make-your-own garden markers would be a great rainy day craft until you can get back outdoors again!

9. Green Science RoBug Kit – I adore this soda can robot bug kit from Radio Shack. Hands on science is so important – especially for younger children – to help them develop the background knowledge in science and technology. We are planning to adapt our RoBug Soda Bot into an Art Bot the way The Maker Mom shows here.

10. Cereal Box Matching Game – Another great way to reuse household items to create a fun craft for kids, this one uses cereal boxes to create a matching or memory game for preschoolers.

Felt Paper Doll Monster Shapes

11. DIY Felt Board Monster Playset – Such a great playset for kids, this is a simple to make game using felt pieces. It’s like a paper doll set but felt monsters instead. Fun!

12. Make Fun Candy Kids Will Love – These homemade candy recipes are simple, fun and kids will love them. Try one, or all three! I especially love the pretzel letters.

13. Make a Calm Jar – Another mason jar DIY craft this one uses glitter and glue to create a kaleidoscopic effect that is calming and hypnotizing.

14. Easter Crafts for Kids – Great Easter crafts using tissue paper and cardboard. It’s a super simple craft that can be adapted to any holiday.

15. Soldering Kit – Teach your older child or teen a new hobby with a kit like this Radio Shack soldering kit. It has all the tools and accessories needed for a simple create-a-keyboard craft and then they can continue to use the tools for other things around the house.

16. Make Paper Airplanes – Make a bunch of paper airplanes and have a contest to see which ones fly the furthest. (We like the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes at our house but there are many options to choose from.)

17. Have a Picnic – Have a picnic in the living room complete with blanket and picnic basket. Kids love picnics and you can make it fun by doing it indoors.

18. Read a Story Book – We’ve shared a list of some favorite Untrained Housewife kids books – our must read kids books if you will – but any book will be a hit if you’re spending one-on-one time with your kids.

Salt Pictures For Kids - salt and glue for simple, colorful crafts

19. Make a Salt Picture – Use salt and glue to create salt picture crafts on colored paper – kids will have a chance to express their creativity!

20. Learn a New Song – Teach the kids a new action song with motions. Just make sure it’s a song you can stand listening to a hundred times in a row. Give them musical instruments and let them have a parade too!

21. Lakeshore Learning Activities – Try one of these great learning activities from Lakeshore. My kids especially love the magnetic math operations game and the magnetic shape sorter!

No-Sew Fabric Pillow Cover

22. Recover a Pillow – Make a new pillow cover with this no sew fabric craft and add a sparkle to the living room while you’re stuck indoors. No-sew means safe and kids will feel so proud!

23. Make an Edible Paint – Make homemade paint using one of these edible paint recipes – perfect for little ones.

24. Marble Magnet Set – Clip some fun images out a magazine and create these pretty glass marble magnets for cute refrigerator decor.

25. Make a Chore Chart – This is a chore chart for kids made of felt so it’s super cute and super flexible and even kids will love their chores using a fun chart like this.

BONUS! Play a fun Word Game with your kids – here are some of our favorites.

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