Sibling Rivalry? From the Mouth of Babes

Brianna meets the sister she prayed for.

One the most common comment I heard from people when we got pregnant with Vivian were questions about how my other kids would feel about it. “Won’t they be jealous?” “Is it fair to have another baby when you already have four?” “What will the other kids think about having a new baby in the house?”
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Sibling rivalry is something a lot of parents worry about. But these kids LOVE their siblings. I decided to go directly to the source and get the inside scoop.

It took me awhile to get my oldest son to say anything other than, “yep”. I could have shown you an entire video of just him saying “yep”.

And that part about Brianna having prayed for a baby sister? That is completely true. Every night at dinner, Brianna would pray for a sister even when Sidney and I weren’t necessarily ‘planning’ on a new baby anytime soon. God had other ideas and answered Brianna’s prayers. And we are greatly blessed that he has done so.

And that part about Vivian playing punching games with Micah? That is not-so true.

Not that he isn’t thinking about it, and not that it won’t happen one of these days. Just not today.

As you can see – everybody loves Vivian and she, in turn, has a fan club of admirers who gloat and glee over every smile. Which she is learning to give often.

Sometimes parents worry about things that never cross their children’s minds. Sibling rivalry? Psshhh….the only thing these guys fight about is who gets to hold the baby next!

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  1. says

    From the mouth of babes, indeed (so cute!) This post is absolutely precious and how helpful your babes were in creating such an awesome video right?!? Thank you for sharing :)

    • says

      Thanks so much Liz! It really turned out to be such a cute video I’m going to start going more of them with the kiddos. They’ve wanted me to play this for them over and over and over. LOL

  2. says

    I don’t understand the whole sibling rivalry fear. My four are thrilled to have a new baby coming! And they like each other pretty well, too! I guess it’s just that people can’t imagine it because they haven’t seen it. My oldest son hopes I have a hundred! I hate to disappoint him, but I’m glad he’s ready to love however many family members we end up with. You want generous kids? Don’t teach them that love is a limited resource. We’ve got plenty to go around.

    • says

      I’ve recieved a few private messages about this post now and I’m noticing a trend that the adjustment is a touch more tricky when there’s a larger gap between the children. Like 10+ years. I think younger children are less set in their habits and routines perhaps?

      All I can say is my kids are ALL just in love with Vivian. :-)

  3. says

    Adults are the ones with hang-ups and “enough”….I have never seen kids think that.
    They are fascinated, enthralled, and enriched by having siblings! (plus they just turn into more well rounded, less self-centered people…and we could use fewer self-absorbed people in the world).

    Pat and I often say that had we stopped with two, or even three as WE PLANNED (by getting a vasectomy), we would be pretty old, and pretty self-absorbed (like many of our empty nester peers). Instead we have five at home (ages 17 to 9) and we are 60 and 53. those 5 kids are amazing…talented…compassionate….loud….quiet….bright…nifty/handy aunts and uncles (to kids featured in the video above).

    And, while it appears the 9 year old is the baby forever of our 8….we are still happily married. And the Lord has actually blessed us with more than when we went with our plan of 3 (which if you knew us then….was really a plan of 2 and an ‘oh my, are you kidding’ unexpected #3. But I can’t imagine now…what a wreck I would be if it was all about me.

    There is simply something freeing about faith that believes He doesn’t error…and that He equips you for what He gives you if you believe Him that children are indeed blessings, not burdens.

    • says

      Totally handy aunts and uncles! I can’t imagine my kids growing up without the blessing of older uncles who will teach them sling shots and rubber band guns, or aunties who paint fingernails. :-)

      One thing is for sure – a child’s prayer has power!

  4. says

    That is a beautiful video! As a mother of five myself, I can totally relate and see my own kids saying the same things. When I was pregnant with my last baby, my son (the only boy) prayed and prayed to have a brother. He was so determined to have another boy in the family! Luckily, he got his wish and I had a boy. :)

    • says

      No luck to it! God knew when it was time, eh? I know you know the madness of the full house…I’m getting such great encouragement about this video I don’t know why I let the “background noise” hangup stop me from doing it sooner. Hopefully we’ll see more kiddo-action in the future.

  5. Brittany {Mommy Words} says

    Ang they are all so beautiful and I just LOVED the video. You know I have three, and yesterday I was supposed to become a mama of 4 and well, that baby is with God. My kids want another baby just like I do and they would love him or her to pieces. Sibling rivalry will happen with 2 or 20 in some things. But all that love is just so worth it!

    • says

      I was so sorry to read about your loss and I was praying for you yesterday when I saw your facebook post. Kids will always be kids and find SOMETHING to tussle about but there’s still that FAMILY that is so important. :-) You’re right – it IS worth it. So many hugs and blessings to you my friend.

  6. says

    Forgive my language, but screw what other people think. You don’t need to explain your decisions about how many kids you have to them. Most of that is from people who couldn’t handle 5 kids (I’m afraid I’m one of them, but I would never say you shouldn’t have them if you want). I come from a family of 4 chidren, and the only mistake my mother made was to have me 8 years after my younger sibling. They were all 2 years apart, so that made me lonely. I think your family is wonderful, but that is because they have wonderful parents guiding them.

    Vivian means “lively” so be prepared!


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