Spring Cleaning Challenge Giveaway – The Home Office Edition

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Read to the end for a chance to win a GE washer and dryer! 

Cleaning a home office desk area can be a challenge in the best of times – never mind when you’re trying to write a book. I think the challenge comes from the face that it is both work AND home. The clutter creep attacks you from both sides. What can you do?

Declutter the Desk and Eliminate the Excess

Go through the items on your desk and do one of three things with everything there.

1. Throw Away (or Giveaway) The Junk

This means all the scraps of paper. Any junk mail. Anything that needs to be tossed and eliminated should be done so at this time.

Sometimes you may have an item that isn’t trash, but isn’t anything you need anymore either. Put these items in a bin, box, or bag to take to your local Goodwill.

2. Put the Item Away in a Different Room

My desk has a lot of items that fall into this category. The books from yesterday’s chapter. The plate from lunch. Anything that doesn’t NEED to be on my desk, shouldn’t be on my desk.

3. Decide that it Belongs on the Desk

Once you’ve eliminated everything from #1 and #2 you are left with the items that truly should be close at hand while you’re at your desk. Here’s where your personal style and flair can come in as you creatively organize your home office supplies.

Group all your like items together. This makes it easier to keep things organize, and looks a lot neater in the home.

Think creatively about desk storage. Use the walls. Use shelves. Use memo boards and hang items from underneath raised shelves. There are a myriad of ways to be creative AND beautiful in your home office desk area.

This post is part of Spring Cleaning Challenge. We have a AMAZING giveaway for participants!


Now Here’s How to Win!

Four Prizes up for Grab:


To Enter: Leave a comment telling me your favorite (or least favorite) place to clean.

You can complete the other entry options in the Rafflecoptor entry form below – more than 30 chances because I’ve partnered with some amazing gals.

EXTRA entries:   there are many  ways to earn additional entries. Once you have completed the required entry the additional methods for entry will be unlocked.

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Giveaway Rules
While anyone can enter their Spring Cleaning link above, the following promotion is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are at least 18 years of age and have a valid email address.  Spring Cleaning Challenge (the “Promotion”) starts on March 20th, 2012 at 7:00 AM Eastern Time “ET”) and ends on April 5th, 2012 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (“Promotion Period”). You may view the official rules here.

Linky & Giveaway opens today, March 20th and will be open until April 5th.  We have two weeks to share, learn, and clean! Winners will be notified and announced by the end of April.

Other Participants:

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Note: If you don’t have a blog of your own, you can participate by linking up an online photo 

album. Disclaimer: This is not a compensated post. Giveaway prizes are provided by GE Appliances, The Stow Company and Shark Clean

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  1. says

    Actually my favorite place to clean is my office… weird I know. It seems that it gets the brain cells going as I’m clearing off my desk , filing papers, throwing things away. I usually come away with a blog post idea, marketing ideas or a new tshirt design for the business.

  2. BrannanS says

    This is the kick in the booty I needed, I think! We are still mid-move (not sure we will ever be fully unpacked!), and I have GOT to tackle my craft room, aka Room of Doom. That sort of thing makes me feel productive…but dusting, cleaning fans, cleaning windows and blinds? Meh. It’ll go away on its own, right?

  3. Lisa Owen says

    I hate to clean the laundry room it is always full of towels and clothes and little messes of laundry detergent and fabric softener !!!!!!!!!

  4. Christine says

    My least favorite place to clean? Must be behind the toilets. *shudder* I do love cleaning my kitchen…getting those surfaces clean and tidy feels awesome. :)

  5. Elizabeth Dagostino says

    My favorite area to clean is the kitchen. So nice to wake up every morning to a spotless kitchen! I would love to win a new washer and dryer for my mother on law. She has had the same washer for 30 years, and does not have a dryer. She would love a new set!

  6. says

    Least fav to clean is behind the toilet and bathroom in general. I hate when a shampoo bottle accidentally leaks in storage cabinet, reaching the top ledge of shower (as I’m vertically challenged) and our hard water make disgusting rings around tub drain and inside toilet. Oh yeah this is my most dreaded cleaning job!

  7. says

    My least favorite place to clean would have to be my smokier. Everything has this dark brown film on it
    and is sticky as well. I am always so glad when that job is over.

  8. says

    Favorite room to clean is the bathroom – immediately visual that it’s clean as every surface sparkles, no hair on the floor or in sinks, toothpaste splatter is gone from mirrors and faucets, tub/shower surfaces are shiny and new looking … smells fresh and clean.

  9. Lori says

    My favorite thing to clean is doing laundry…my least favorite is the bathroom! I hate mopping in there cuz there is always hair hanging around!

  10. says

    As I was cleaning the toilets today I was telling myself that this was my least favorite place to clean LOL My favorite place to clean though are the baseboards. I don’t know why but seeing them dirty bugs me so much so I always have to clean them.

  11. ellen ross says

    well thats easy…. the kitchen. because its always such a huge project and i get overwhelmed easily

  12. says

    My least favorite thing to spring clean is the dining room. It seems to have way too many functions in my home and the table and buffet in there seem to serve as a catch all. It is so frustrating, no matter how many times I ask the girls not to dump stuff in there & they still do.

  13. Erin says

    I hate cleaning the bathrooms, and doing laundry, and the dishes…..pretty much all of it, but it has to be done right?

  14. Barb says

    Thanks for the home office tips-it’s the most difficult room for me to keep organized since so much comes in and out all the time, especially when projects underway, nothing can be moved! Our 2012 goal is to get rid of our 4 drawer lateral file cabinet, which is a dusty space hog, & go almost 100% paperless. The process has been a challenge. Just learned the NEAT system scanner/software we’d plan to use is not compatible with our 64bit computers (which are almost new) so we’re looking for other scanner/software which will easily categorize documents, but allow for easy retreival in future. Any ideas from other participants of the Spring Cleaning Challenge who’ve already solved this problem?

  15. Pam says

    I absolutely dislike to clean the boys bathroom. My favorite is the living room because its the first room you see when you enter the house, I like coming in to a clean home.

  16. elizabeth cochran says

    My favorite place to clean is the bathroom. It’s small enough that it’s not a huge job but it’s a very satisfying one since it looks so great and shiny when I clean it.

  17. Cindy Westerhaus says

    Hi. My least favorite place to clean is my children’s bathroom. It really can become gross. But my favorite place to clean is the kitchen because it is the center of my home.

  18. Kara Locke says

    I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom itself its the toliets i hate cleaning. The smell of them always makes me gag.

  19. Sarah Carroll says

    My least favorite place to clean is the Kitchen, probably because it has to be done daily and I get sick of it.

  20. Pauline Milner says

    I actually love it when I give my office a good cleaning. I am a very organized person, but, over three months or so, things start to get out of place. It feels good to take a couple of hours to put everything back where it belongs.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  21. Samantha D says

    My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom, favorite is probably the kitchen because I can get ready to start cooking again in a nice clean kitchen!

  22. Lee Black says

    My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom! With 2 boys and my hubby, it just gets really dirty! Boys are so messy!

  23. says

    I dislike cleaning the bathroom, especially as I am the only girl in this house. Boys can be so gross. However, I love doing laundry! Especially when I have a working dryer IN my home and not at the local laundromat.

  24. mo says

    My least favorite place to clean is any closet. I’m terrified of spiders and once had a huge one make a leap at me in a closet.

  25. Shannon says

    My least favorite area to clean are the bathrooms…especially the kids bathrooms…I just don’t understand why trash is around the trash can but not in the trash can, or why towels are on the floor instead of in the basket, etc. :)

  26. Melissa says

    Cleaning out clothes is my least favorite thing to clean. It’s a reminder that my babies are growing way to fast and that I have to go shopping. Thankfully it happens once a year!

    My most favorite “spring cleaning” is the yard and getting it ready for the growing season!

  27. Denise says

    My favorite room to clean is my son’s room because everything has a place! (Now I just have to make sure everything in all the other rooms has a place too!)

  28. Denise says

    So far I’ve thoroughly cleaned our religious ed. classroom, so now I can move my stacks of materials back there and make space at home, and I’ve cleaned out the car, so now I can just focus on the house. All bathroom cleaning is complete, and the bedrooms and closets are done.Storage room is organized with new shelving. I’ve been putting off sorting papers.

  29. carol says

    My favorite place to clean is the kitchen. I love when everything is in order and the appliances sparkle, however, it never seems to last long with three kids.

  30. says

    My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom. All of those nooks and crannies and bending over to clean the tub, kills my back!

  31. Ashley Morrissey says

    I like doing laundry but I HATE absolutely HATE cleaning the bathroom haha

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  32. jodi lasher says

    My favorite place to clean is my bathroom.. I dont know why, but i just like seeing my toilet get sparkly clean and my tub.. My least favorite place or thing to clean it the windows in the place i live.. I hate washing windows lol

  33. Chelesa Sims says

    i have managed to clean out the closets and sorted out the old clothes we dont wear anymore and gave it to goodwill and oraganized papers

  34. alsvegas says


  35. Lynn R says

    I most dislike cleaning the bathrooms and then second to that would be dusting and having to move all of my display items from bookshelves, etc.

  36. carol says

    My greatest cleaning challenge is keeping my craft room organized. I try, but it always overwhelms me. I buy containers and other organizers to store things in but the area is not streamlined so it always looks a mess. ugh!!! Would love to have a professional come in and make it work.


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