Supplement Your Child’s Education With Netflix and Educational Videos

Families with Netflix or BlockBuster on Demand know that kids love having their own list of scheduled movies.

With titles like The Princess and the Frog and Ponyo coming out, the theaters are likely to be swamped with eager kids and happy parents. When it comes to Netflix, many kids already have those titles on their lists, hoping to get first dibs on them when they are released.

Edutainment is Also Entertainment

While major film releases are great, one should not forget that educational videos can be just as good. If most of them weren’t, they wouldn’t be so popular with the kids.

Choosing educational videos are subject to the child’s taste, of course. Some may love Sesame Street, but only episodes with Elmo and Zoe. Other kids may prefer Little Einsteins.

The key is that TV does not have to become a mind-drain on the children where they enjoy themselves and come up empty. While kids should be able to watch their favorite titles, whether they be Little Bill or The Fairy Odd Parents, they should also be served well by at least some of what they watch.

SpongeBob Squarepants is a favorite in many households, but the focus is more on having fun than on helping children learn. While SpongeBob is not without merit — he has a job, his own place, a great attitude, and is a good friend — there are other alternatives, such as the LeapFrog series.

LeapFrog Videos Help Children Leap Ahead of Their Peers

LeapFrog videos run just over 30 minutes and are great fun. The “Letter Factory” episode shows Leap and his family heading toward the father’s factory where he is going to give a presentation to a man who sells educational equipment. They hope the man will decide to use Leap’s dad’s talking-letter technology.

During the episode, the youngest child, Tad (a perfect match for pre-schoolers), goes from room to room where the letters are learning how to make their sounds.  Meanwhile, the oldest child, Leap (who is a grade schooler), helps set up for the presentation.

The entertainment holds the children’s attention while they learn, helping better prepare them for reading.

Striking a Proper Balance in Helping Children Learn With Videos

While LeapFrog videos are great, do not forget to let your children pick out some of their personal favorites. Every other video can be something they really want to watch.

This balance of fun educational videos and new movies will help them learn easily, have fun, and enjoy learning later on too because of how well prepared they are to take the new lessons in.

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