The Homesteader’s Pantry

The Homesteader's Pantry

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I’ve been thinking recently about the fact that, for some reason, “Home Economics” doesn’t seem to be taught in schools much any more, but it is needed more than ever.

If you haven’t done much cooking in the past but intend to start afresh by cooking more, here are the basics that you’ll want to have in your pantry.

The Homesteader’s Pantry

-Whole wheat flour (I use whole wheat flour in everything I bake and it all turns out great!  There’s usually no need to substitute part of the flour with white flour.  This is a misconception.)

-Baking soda

-Baking powder




-Whole wheat pasta

-Lentils or other beans

-A bag of rice

-Jug of oil (if you live in North America, it is useful to know that canola oil is probably the healthiest option that has travelled the least).

-Canned tomatoes (Try canning your own next summer when everything is in season!)

-Spices such as: good black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, chili powder, bay leaf, oregano (and much more)

-Cooking onions



In your freezer, you’ll want to have some butter and plenty of frozen fruits , vegetables and even jams. (Try freezing your own next summer when everything is in season!)

If we supplement these pantry staples with lots of fresh vegetables from our own gardens in the summertime, we will be well on our way to providing the best for our families!

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