Baby Changing Station: How to Set Up and Organize a Diaper Station

A changing station is simply an area that is equipped to make diapering easy and convenient. While a changing table will be ideal, it isn’t always essential. New moms and dads can easily do without a special baby changing table and instead, create a on-the-go diaper or baby station for hassle-free nappy changes. Here are some tips on setting up the perfect changing station for your baby.

How to Set Up and Organize a Diaper Station Choosing an Area for the Changing Station

The first step is to find an area where changing baby can be easy and safe. While I found the floor the easiest when I was changing my baby, some parents may find the bending and kneeling a tad painful. The bed is a good option since you can sit down and change the diaper. Alternatively, if you prefer standing, you can turn an old desk or the top of a dresser that is at a convenient height into a diaper station.

Supplies to Make Diapering Easy

You’ll need a few diapering essentials in order to make nappy changes quick and easy. Get a large basket or caddy and keep it handy. If you have a fixed changing station, such as a dresser, keep the basket close by. Else, keep it in baby’s room or closet ready and stocked. Here are the items that you may want to include:

  • A waterproof changing mat or two.
  • A stash of clean diapers. Whether you’re using cloth or disposables, keep at least 5-7 in the basket, so that you’ll know when you’re going to run out of diapers and buy a new pack or have time to run a load of laundry.
  • A supply of baby wipes, cotton balls and washcloths.
  • A thermos or flask filled with warm water for the washcloths or cotton balls.
  • Diaper covers, if you’re using cloth diapers. With all-in-one cloth diapers, however, you can do without a cover.
  • Diaper rash cream. Check out our review of Bumboosa’s Diaper Rash Cream.

Also, keep a diaper pail next to the baby station, so that you can toss the dirty diapers into the pail right away.

 Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Diaper Station

While changing diapers, it is important to keep baby safe and clean. So, do keep the following in mind when setting up a changing station for your little one:

  •  Always ensure that the area designated for changing diapers is safe, sturdy and clean for baby.
  • Place everything you need close at hand before you open baby’s nappy or even, put him down on the changing mat.
  • Store diapering supplies in a locked storage area or on a high shelf once baby starts crawling around.
  • Keep a few toys handy to distract baby during changes.

A well-organized and handy changing station can make diapering simple and trouble-free for new moms and dads. For more on getting organized for baby, read Baby Hospital Bag and How to Save Money When Buying Baby Products.

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