Grown-Up Girlfriends and Lessons in True Friendship


We’ve all experienced the ups and downs of friendship.  Beginning when we were little girls, we’ve bonded with others over shared interests and have been devastated when certain friendships didn’t work out, whether due to arguments or simply drifting apart over time.  We cherished the good and learned from the bad. Now that we’re adults […]

Finding Love Within and Without

Love others as you love yourself

February is relationship month and has Valentine’s Day right in the middle of it.   A time to give love to those special people in our lives. But a prerequisite to loving others is to love ourselves first. As women, we can be very hard on ourselves; no need to make a list, we all know them. […]

How to Get Sunday School Lessons for Free

Small, country church. Photo Credit to dicktay2000 on Flickr.

As a Sunday School teacher, finding lessons is starting to become harder and harder. After ten years of purchasing lesson plans, Bible story pictures, and other Sunday school curriculum, I finally realized that I just couldn’t afford to pay the prices that keep going up any longer. If you’ve taught Sunday School at all, then you probably know what I mean. Sunday […]

I’m Home! – Fostering Family Bonds and a Sense of Home

Photo Credit to misteraitch on Flickr

“Mommy, I’m home!” two-year-old Ethan hollered. He had just been to Sunday School and was returning to the class room where is own mother was the teacher. Considering where Ethan had just been, where he was and where he was going, perhaps those words are more profound than we realize. Home is Where the Family […]

Embrace the Journey: Our Community Rallying Cry

Embrace the Journey

I stumbled upon an offer from Melanie at Only a Breath to create a little button with your word of the year. Your One Word. The word that will be your focal point for the coming year. It was a no-brainer for me because this word is something I’ve been gearing up for – it’s […]

Getting Prepared – Focusing on Spirituality

Storms of life need spiritual preparation as much as physical preparation. (credit to  Rudolf Getel on Flickr)

It hit me in Sunday School this week. . . . How important faith is! I thought I had covered every possible aspect of being prepared for the unexpected. But I missed one, perhaps the most important: Living in such a way that God is able to pour blessings down from heaven. For example, medical preparation […]

The Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas

Hands holding a gift box isolated on black background

Just before Christmas, many of us are now frantic about the Holidays – finalizing menus, sending RSVPs to party invites left and right, squeezing in extra work so you can take time off during the festivities, and of course, shopping for gifts and wrapping them in pretty paper. At least once, probably some of us […]