Substitute with Avocado to Make Healthier Meals

Things you can do with avocados

Not only is February Avocado Month – but it’s also the month after we’ve all made our New Year’s resolutions to eat better, lose weight, and improve our health.  If you are still looking for more ways to make healthier meals and get more nutrients into your foods, it’s time to give the avocado a […]


Last Minute Thanksgiving Made Easy With Udi’s


This Thanksgiving, I am thankful…that I’m not hosting! I’ve basically been a lump on the couch the last two months (yay, First Trimester!), so my kitchen is barely up to the task of dinner-on-real-plates, let alone a big feast for tons of family. Still, Udi’s has come through again with more products to make life […]


Gluten Free Grab and Go

Udi's Collage

The work from home life is less than glamorous at times. Like the time you didn’t get to shower until 3 (we won’t talk about how many days it had been)…or the time your laundry pile was taller than you…or the time you made a cheeseball for dinner. And that was all just last week! […]


7 Easy Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas


I’m not a morning person. I feel like you need to know that about me before I ever write another food-related post. If I’m going to make an elaborate omelette or coffee cake, it will probably be on a whim at around 12:45…in the morning. My energy starts to appear around 11 AM (on a […]


Get Prepared (for Everyday Needs) – Preparing Meals in Advance

Freezer Meals by Jacinda Walker

So far, our focus for getting prepared has been on preparing to live without electricity or contact with the outside world for 30 days. This most likely would only occur if there were a major storm or other natural disaster, since most power outages are only for a few days. But, there are a lot […]


Make Beef Affordable With London Broil

With my grill on high, I cooked this London Broil for nine minutes and then flipped it to cook for nine more minutes. To get classic searing on the meat, leave it alone for the full cooking time on each side.

  It often seems as though your efforts to eat inexpensively mean having to sacrifice what many of us see as standard fare. For example: What about beef? With the toughest cuts of beef starting above five dollars a pound, a juicy grilled steak will bust the $7 Dinner budget… or will it? Very recently, […]