Backing up Your Computer – Drobo Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of backing up your data on a regular basis. I cannot tell you how often I’ve had emials or panicked facebook status messages from fellow writers and bloggers who have lost all their data and blogs and posts and…..and….and….

Backing up Your Computer -Drobo Giveaway

Whether hackers in your website’s databases, or a computer malfunction, destruction, or virus your data is not saved forever just because you hit the “save” button on your Word processor. I’m a bit of a freak about this – even articles I publish online are saved into word documents and backed on a regular basis.

When I had the chance to try (and giveaway! More on that in a second.) a Drobo backup system I was intrigued. What I got was a fabulous compliment to my current system of backing up.

I recieved the Drobo 2nd Generation Backup System with 4 disc slot availability. I’m able to hook it up to my computer via USB drive, making it very easy to backup multiple computer systems. The 2TB discs I put in them is an amazing amount of space – more than ample for making sure ALL my data is saved and backed up. I’ve set the Drobo to automatically back up my desktop computer on a daily basis since that is the computer I use the most often.

After traveling, or working on my laptop a lot, it’s an easy matter to just hook up and run a quick backup of the laptop on an “as needed” basis….usually about once a week. A couple times a year when I visit my parents in Fort Smith I’ll take an external disc drive that I move my backup files to and leave it at my parent’s house. I have two and trade them out periodically so I have a fully off-site tangible back up as well. Because I’m a geek like that. Because of zombies invade my house and eat my computer, I want to be able to replace my data easily.

So do you want to try one? I’ve partnered with a couple others to be able to giveaway a Drobo 2nd Generation – 4 Bay FW800 & USB 2.0 Storage Array ($399 retail value!) (2TB discs are not included but available for around $150 retail)

You’re going to love increasing your peace of mind when it comes to protecting your databases, pictures, videos and documents! Giveaway ends November 28, 2011 11:59pm PT.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Comment on the blog letting me know the last time you did a back up or your backup horror story.

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I recieved the Drobo backup system to review but I really DO get panicky emails and facebook messages from friends who have lost their articles. See full sweepstakes rules.

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  1. Misty says

    I am embarrassed to say that I don’t do this nearly enough. Okay….I’ve only ever backed up once and it was about a month ago, when my computer caught a virus. Thanfully I have a friend who is a computer genius. He restored everything and backed my computer up for me.

  2. Gabby says

    Sadly the last time I backed up my computer was approx 2 years ago!! Gotta do something about this so all my pixs of my son don’t get lost forever!

  3. amanda wynant says

    last time i backed up my computer was almost a year ago.
    putting a new item on the “to do” list right now.
    thanks for bringing it to my attention!…….;)

  4. ellen says

    I am ashamed to say I have never backed up this desktop. Never ever. I am lazy and too frugal to go through disc after disc but I would freak out if I lost everything. Hmm backup isnt looking so bad!

  5. says

    I’ve been decent about backing up my blog (once a week)….but my thousands of photos? Oh, I cringe every time I think about all of the images I lost when I *thought* I saved them on an external drive….but didn’t. I deleted so many! Luckily, many of the good images are saved on my blog, but they are very small files. :(

  6. says

    Last year I had to do a system recovery and lost everything on my laptop. It nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown. This would be so wonderful to have.

  7. says

    We didn’t back up our laptop, had water spilled on it, and lost all of our pictures from birth to two. I still cry about it sometimes. You think we would have learned our lesson but we still have an ad hoc system that we don’t deploy enough. This sounds easy to use!

  8. Brett says

    I’m pretty anal about backups and performed a backup about a week ago, but it is so monotonous to keep a desktop and two laptops fully backed up. Having the Drobo would be like a dream. Fingers crossed.

  9. says

    Horror of horrors – I had a crash…don’t know the technical issue, but my desktop died! the local computer guru could not recover things, and so, years worth of ministry files, business tips, journaling ideas, recognition and my customer data base, and listing of former team members – gone, all gone.
    What is that old song lyric…”you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone”! That is how I have felt since the loss. At the time it died I didn’t even realize all I had lost, but almost weekly some new need surfaces of something that used to be at my fingertips that is simply gone. I have to go search it out (humbling), recreate it (wasted time), do without (sad face), or do with less (sometimes not so bad). It is a regular bummer.
    I had done periodic back-ups, on Cd, but I had no real system. I AM fairly faithful with the laptop since it has family photos on it, but the desk top’s death was nearly my undoing.
    Would love to win this, but will also share so some photo fan friends might also have a chance to win it, or at least learn about this. Sounds like a great devise for those of us with 30,000 photos!

  10. Michelle P. says

    I hate to admit it, but I have never done a backup on my computer…have thought about it many times, just haven’t done it yet. Now that its on my mind again I will do it soon!

  11. Lauren says

    my backup horror story is just recently. I lost some of my documents and then needed to get a new computer because the whole thing just like DIED. lol it’s awful.

  12. Jules L says

    i havent backed up in awhile.. and as for horror story, well my last computer crashed and i lost EVERYTHING.. its very distressing.

  13. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I never do backups and I always have a fit when a computer dies and I lose everything… maybe this will help me out.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  14. says

    Dude it’s been a while. I’m very careful about backing up my photos, because the last time I had a laptop die I thought I lost all my family photos. but everything else … *shutter*..
    It’s just dawning on me that all my writing sitting there not backed up would be very painful to lose as it’s pretty much all I have to show for my past 3 years work! OY!

  15. says

    I almost FREAKED last night! I’ve lost the cable to my external drive, so I haven’t backed up to that in awhile. I have been saving things to ADrive, but no complete backup. I was talking to a friend on Skype when my computer crashed. I tried to restart it, and it said it couldn’t find the hard drive and started running a diagnostic. It ran for about 20 minutes, then it asked me if I wanted to try to reboot, so I did, holding my breath the whole time. It booted up fine, and has been running great. I ordered the cable today, and did a backup and saved the backup files to ADrive. I have taken so many pictures lately that I’d have lost completely! There was something to be said for storing things on disks, so I did that too. I stored all my pictures onto a CD, and I’m going to back them up daily to ADrive now.

  16. says

    used backblaze for a year.. have a very large music collection that was partially lost due to overzealous cleaning.. they garanteed the info would be there wasn’t.. online backup solutions for 3-400 Gigs is a crap shoot.. so I have two network buffalo servers, two lacie usb servers and one iOmega usb servers.. plus a bunch of thumb drives.And a second internal drive that has all the lossless master recordings that I’ve made and or owned over the years.. need to update the buffalo servers.. maybe with a Drobo..

  17. says

    I used to use an online backup service that I had won but when my free subscription expired I didn’t keep it up. I actually asked for an external harddrive for Christmas so i could start backing up again.

  18. rajee says

    My sweet husband often reminds me to back up. But I am too lazy to do it and so I have lost all important files when my pc was crash :(

  19. rajee says

    1. 1 entry each – Leave a comment on Saving For Someday, and Add A Pinch telling them when you last did a back up then come back HERE

  20. Ericka says

    I just recently had a hard drive crash on my Gateway. I lost everything :( Fortunately, my pictures were backed-up, but I lost all documents and tons of saved websites which is something you don’t necessarily think of until your computer dies!!

  21. Cary G says

    Last time I did a backup was right before my PC needed to be reformatted and Windows installed. Unfortunately the external hard drive I backed up to died.
    Luckily I was able to temporarily revive it and recover my data. Now it sits on my shelf as a reminder.

  22. Kristie says

    I do backups regularly. Right now I use Carbonite, but since they charge me yearly it would be great to have a product like this that I don’t have to keep paying for.

  23. Debra F says

    I back up on the first of every month ever since I lost all my photos and files when my last computer unexpectedly died and all my data was unrecoverable.

  24. Jennifer C says

    We back up daily, but once my cats knocked over my external drive one too many times and destroyed it, thus losing many photos we had.

  25. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we back-up our files about once a month…if we remember !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  26. Betty C says

    Well I thought I backed up everything to an external hard drive – – then it failed!! I haven’t found a reliable way to save everything unless I pay big bucks to have it stored online or use hundreds of disks.
    I’m all for backing things up but when the back up fails everything is toast.

  27. Jay F. says

    I have backups running nightly, but I recently had my external drive storing my backups crash. I’ve got a second internal drive holding backups, but that’s not very satisfying!


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