DIY Fall-Themed Chalkboard Placemats

I have been on a craft kick lately using chalkboard paint to, well, make surfaces I can use chalk on, obviously. And with Fall finally here (it’s still super hot and humid in Florida in case you were wondering) my mind is spinning with all the craft possibilities. This craft is beyond simple and would be perfect for a Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner, plus the kids can help decorate the placemats once the paint has dried.

 DIY Fall-Themed Chalkboard Placemats




  • Chalkboard paint
  • Craft foam sheets
  • Chalk
  • Fall-themed foam stickers
  • Foam brush – these work best here to maximize coverage and get a nice straight edge














This could not be easier:

  • Lay your foam sheet down, tape off the area you want to paint. Make sure to leave enough room on the edges for your stickers or decorations.
  • Paint the foam sheet with the first coat, then wait about 45 minutes and paint a second coat and for good measure, wait another 45 minutes and paint a third coat. Let the final coat dry at least 2 hours before using chalk on the surface. (I would paint these the night before you plan on having the kids help decorate them, since children are not known for their patience).
  • Remove the tape (carefully) used to mark off the area to be painted.
  • Apply your stickers, decorations, etc. As you can see, I went with a Thanksgiving theme for one placemat and the spooky eyes for a Halloween-themed placemat.

Make sure to place plenty of chalk out on the table for the kids to have fun with at dinner!


*Side note: I tested these out with my crew of messy eaters and they held up for quite a few meals before they were stained. This is a very inexpensive craft, so don’t feel bad for having to toss it after a while.



Use this same method, with different colored foam and different themed stickers for various holidays and occasions – great way to keep younger diners from getting bored during long family dinners. Add these placemats to your table setting with the mason jar place cards and centerpieces and you are sure to impress your dinner guests (maybe they will be so impressed, they won’t notice you forgot to serve mashed potatoes).

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  1. lindsay says

    I love the place mats and the mason jars…I am hosting this year….my very first Thanksgiving. So keep up all the good ideas. -Lindsay-

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