Indoor Herb Planter With Wooden Plant Tags #LowesCreator

This indoor herb planter looks beautiful and was super simple to put together. Ridiculously so – I’m almost ashamed to share it and feel like I should add some extra steps to make it seem more complicated. But no – these Lowe’s posts are all about sharing how you can create super useful things that look fabulous on a tight budget and goodness knows we could all use more information about that, right?

Indoor herb planter box with wooden tags

Since we are in the middle of polar-vortex-of-freezing-doom I made this on my kitchen table – hence the indoor photos and cardboard boxes lining the top of my kitchen table. But I turned a simple organization basket and pack of cheap wooden shims into an indoor planter that is beautiful and able to be personalized in a snap.

Wooden shims are thin wooden wedges used in carpentry. But they are inexpensive, super fun, and useful for a variety of DIY purposes. In this case I cut one shim in half to create two wooden plant tags. I drilled a smallish hole (3/16) into the thickest end of each piece. I couldn’t decide between the Valspar  chalk spray paint (always a winner) or one of the gorgeous Valspar Signature Paint color.

Preparing the Wood Shims to be plant tags for the indoor herb garden container

In the end I decided to show the two tags in both ways so I painted one with the Valspar chalkboard spray paint, and the other with the gorgeous deep red, Valspar’s Posh Red color. With the sample pack I had more than enough and it cost less than $3! You could match the wooden plant tags to the color scheme of the home/room where you plan to use the herb garden, or use the chalkboard paint if you are giving it as a gift and unsure of the recipient’s color scheme.

Wooden tags for an indoor herb garden planter

Let the paint dry completely and then write a love note or plant name on the wooden tags. Tie it with rustic twine to keep with the effect. You could give herb and flower seeds, a pair of gardening gloves, and a cute spade. Or, if you have access to potted plants, include a pretty houseplant inside when you give it!

Indoor herb planter with wooden tags

Nothing brings life to a kitchen area, especially in the dreary winter, like some green growing things and bright colors. This centerpiece will bring a literal breathe of fresh air to your home or make a fabulous gift.

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