Make Christmas Shopping Easy with the eBay Holiday Gift Guide

I absolutely love giving gifts to people, but I don’t love to brave the crowds.  Now that the holiday season is here, shopping for those special people on my list usually comes with crowded shopping malls and crabby people.  There is always the option of shopping online, but sometimes it can be overwhelming finding the perfect gift in the sea of online shopping opportunities.   However, the eBay Holiday Gift Guide comes to the rescue.  Like always, eBay offers not only great products, but endless options when it comes to making my Christmas list.

This year, we have decided to give each of our 3 children 3 gifts each, just like Jesus got when he was born.  And, when I’m shopping for those three gifts, I want to make sure they perfectly fit each of my children.  eBay makes it easy to shop anytime and anywhere for my Christmas gifts so that I’m not stuck Christmas morning without gifts for those that I love.  If you are always on the go like I am, download the eBay mobile app and get your Christmas shopping done easily via your mobile phone.

Find out which toys excite your children by helping them make their own Christmas wish list with the eBay Holiday Facebook app.  With this Facebook app, children are able to submit their gender and age, then glance through pictures of toys and add them to the list.  One really cute thing about this app is that when they are all done they can send their list “to the North Pole.”  Then, as a parent you have an easily accessible list to do some quick Christmas shopping.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always really excited to make my Christmas shopping a lot easier!

Here are a few family gifts that I picked out.  I’d love to hear your ideas, too!


My 6 month old would love this New Dr. Suess Collection Horton Plush by MiYim.

My two year old is in love with pink and I know she would just fall in love with this Minnie Mouse Pet Shop Play Set.

And, my 4-year old and his friends would have a blast with this Play House Tent Combo.

How about a Buca di Beppo gift card at $10 off so my mother and father-in-law can go out for a nice dinner?

eBay offers some really beautiful Vera Wang pieces that would be great for my sister’s home.

I could see my mom loving these Ugg boots.

My husband can never have too many tools in his toolbox.  And, when items are expensive on eBay, you can even put together a group list so others can share in a large purchase!  How cool is that?

My brother loves hats.  He is also a Giants fan.  He would love this hat and it is a really great price!

I’m thinking about getting this Barbie doll for my niece.  She loves Barbie and she loves pink, perfect!  there are tons of other Barbie dolls to choose from as well.

I honestly might purchase a hand blender for my best friend.  I just love mine and use it ALL the time.  I really think that she would love it, too.

On top of all this, eBay is offering a holiday gift shop sweepstakes!  It is so easy to enter.  All you have to do is to put together a gift list for yourself or for a child and you will be entered to win. Gifts will be rewarded daily, and entrants will be awarded with one gift off their wish list and eBay gift cards!

Happy Shopping!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Untrained Housewife was hired by Splash Creative Media on behalf of  eBay to share with you an easy way to shop for your Christmas gifts.

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  1. Chrissie says

    I would have agreed with you 100% a week ago, but now my Christmas shopping is turning into a hassle thanks to Ebay. I sold an item to get $ to purchase gifts, and the winner of my bid didn’t have the funds to pay so now I have to re-list (and that puts my bank account a week or more behind schedule).

    This topic is about buying, not selling, I know. I have issues there as well. I just bought a game bundle for my kids, specifically purchasing it because it claimed to be brand new and “Ready to play out of the box.” Today I got the game, but no accessories. We can’t play it. ARG! Now I have to deal with emails, possible returns and more time wasted on bidding for a replacement. At this point, I wish I had gone to a store.

  2. says

    I love the idea of being to create a wish list on Ebay because the prices are usually so reasonable. Last year I bought a huge lot of train set toys for my boys – only $100 and we got a giant cardboard box full of trains, train tracks, etc. It was a huge amount of items for them and we spread the gift out over two gift-giving occasions saving us a ton of money. :-)

  3. says

    The Facebook app is pretty cool. I played with it last week during their Twitter party and it was so fun dragging and dropping items onto wishlists.

    I’m a huge fan of shopping at Ebay any day of the year!

  4. Jennifer Cruz says

    I love shopping on eBay whether it’s for myself or for someone else. I’m also a huge fan of avoiding the holiday crowds and buying gifts online. The wish list is a GREAT feature, makes shopping SO much easier. Great info and tips. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Tricia Edgar says

    I love Ebay for secondhand items – my daughter is getting a lot of older Playmobil this year. She doesn’t need it new in the box. She just wants to play with it!

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