Online Parent Support Groups For Stepmoms

Online Parent Support Groups For Stepmoms Are you a stepmom struggling with your role in the lives of your stepchildren, or frustrated and in need of some support from someone who understands your situation? There are many sources of online support geared specifically toward helping stepmoms cope with their situations, so they can create better, more balanced homes for their families.

When I first became a stepmom, I struggled with defining my role in the lives of my stepchildren; I was uncomfortable dealing with my husband’s ex-wife and I did not know how to express my frustrations to my husband without putting him on the defensive. It took a long time to develop the coping skills needed to make our home life work, and it was worth the effort. In those early days, I did not think of seeking outside help and I never considered going online to find support. I wish I had; there is an array of online support groups and forums geared toward stepmoms.

Online Step Parenting Support Forums
There are many good online forums and groups that provide support for step parents; however, the following are just for stepmoms:

Second Wives Club
• A popular stepmom and second wives support site; active since 1997
• Client privacy is a priority
• Diverse support forums cover a variety of topics
• Costs $29 for a 3 month membership, full year $89
• Fee waivers are available for those experiencing financial hardship

Second Wives Café
• Stepmom and second wives support site
• Founded by Mary Kuris, a regular mom and stepmom
• Free membership
• Perks for those who make donations
• Privacy screening process
• Forums provide a safe place to vent
• Some articles are visible to non-members

Circle of Moms
• Thousands of specific mom / stepmom support communities
• Has Christian stepmom support groups
• Variety of topics in forums
• Joining is free
• Advertises 24/7 mom to mom support
• Worldwide group

Online Support Specifically for Stepmoms With No Biological Children
Women who are stepmoms that have no biological children of their own face unique challenges. Many of these women experience feelings of isolation, and many have had issues with infertility. The following support groups are specifically for stepmoms without children of their own:

Childless Stepmoms
• Started by Christina Chopin, a stepmom but not a biological mom
• Members are stepmoms who have no biological children
• Forums are specific to the circumstances of these women
• This site runs on donations
• Non-members can login as a guest but only registered members can view all site material
• Articles are well researched and some may be viewed by non-members
• Has many useful links

Step Divas
• Encourages sensitivity
• Privacy is a priority
• Members must post once a month or membership expires you need to reapply for membership
• One time registration fee of $2.50 through PayPal for verification of identity
• Committed to helping stepmoms balance life and create and maintain positive relationships

There is no way for a stepmom to be fully prepared for the challenges that await her. Online support groups and forums certainly help by providing safe places to air concerns, and obtain advice and perspective from people who really understand what being a stepmom is all about: other stepmoms.

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    I also wanted to share that I am starting a group on Facebook for bonus parents of any kind~ I never have liked the term step-mom because of some family situations I grew up with…I digress. But I would like to see some people join me in sharing trials, joys and advice for all things dealing with us bonus parents!

    Thank you!

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