Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas

Christmas is the time when families and loved ones spend quality time together, and for many homeowners, it’s a busy time for entertaining and hosting parties. If you’re hosting Christmas dinner or a festive party this year, you’ll need to decorate your kitchen accordingly. If you’re stuck for a few ideas on what seasonal decorations are in fashion this Christmas then here are a few accessorising tips to get you started.

Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas

Festive Food

Decorating your dining table is incredibly important as, unless you’re dining out, that’s where you and your family will be eating your Christmas dinner. Carefully select some festive table linen of a high quality. ┬áRed and gold are traditionally popular and can add plenty of warmth to your kitchen. Rectangle and oblong tables can often benefit from a gold table runner. The gold enforces the Christmas theme, and the table runner makes guests feel more connected – a necessity if you have a large family gathering.

If you have a round table, then focus on creating a focal point in the centre of the table. A Christmas candelabra is the perfect seasonal centrepiece, cradling lit candles which set a relaxing and homely ambience.

If you don’t have enough chairs to seat everyone and have to call in the “emergency chairs,” you can find that the appearance of your kitchen is somewhat off-balance. If you have an array of chairs in different designs, sizes and styles, then use chair coverings to make them appear a little more co-ordinated. Chair coverings are available in a variety of different styles and colours; mono-colour chair coverings in gold or white can create a modern, sophisticated feel whilst still adhering to the Christmas theme. If you’re handy with a sewing kit, you could even make your own. They’d be unique and original and in any design you like!

Festive Foliage

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree, but aside from this traditional necessity, there are a wide variety of other plants available which are now used to accessorize the home for Christmas.

Small, fibre-optic Christmas trees are becoming more popular in the modern home as they’re low maintenance and appealing to the eye. Whilst a large Christmas tree may not be possible for display in a kitchen with limited space, small fibre optics can bring the festive cheer to conservatories, kitchens, dining rooms and even porches.

Artificial leafless twig plants with illumination are also popular in the modern kitchen. Their appearance mimics that of a small shrub in winter when its leaves have fallen off. The twigs are fibre-optic or have small lightbulbs on; some have a static colour whilst others flash between a variety of colours. Artificial twig plants are spectacular for filling those empty corners in your home, their slender design enables them to brighten up the smallest of spaces. The twig colours are generally available in gold, silver and bronze choose the one which best complements your table decorations.

When entertaining this Christmas, impress your guests with a welcoming, festive home. Don’t forget you can always serve your food with a Christmas touch. Surround your Turkey with holly when serving, and provide your guests’ hot drinks in Christmas themed mugs.

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