DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be expensive. It is easy to make your own ornaments with pine cones and make it a fun activity with the kids. I’ve made a few this year to go on our tree.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

Pine cones – 3-5 of various sizes

Gold, silver and white spray paint

Glitter and glue, or glitter glue pens

String or ribbon

Step One: Spray the Pine Cones

Place the pine cones on pieces of paper or cardboard. If the weather is nice, I recommend taking it outside but that wasn’t an option for us! Spray the pine cones with the various colored spray paint. I opted for five pine cones and did two in silver, one in white, one in gold and one a mixture of white and gold after realizing that the gold doesn’t show up too well.

The spray paint should take an hour to dry, maximum. I left it to dry while I got on with another pine cone craft.

Once the paint is dry, turn them over and spray the other side. Remember to get the bottom of them, too!

Step Two: Dab the Glitter On

Hold the pine cones with the bottom-side up and dab some of the glitter glue on the edges.

Step Three: Tie the Ribbon or String Around

Cut the ribbon or string to a suitable length to tie around the pine cones and create a knot to hang them on the Christmas Tree. Wrap the ribbon around the pine cones, twice if possible, and tie a knot or bow.

They’re simple and fun to make with your family. It’s amazing what you can do with a few little things and they will make your Christmas that extra special.

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