Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Hi there! I hope you were able to enjoy the holiday yesterday. Did anyone get any organizing and/or purging done? I got my cleaning supplies in order and also got my “junk drawer” cleaned out. What a relief they both were!

Getting my cleaning supplies organized makes my combined laundry room/pantry look so much cleaner! (even when there are ALWAYS mounds of laundry to be done!)

And the great thing about this organization step? I used items I already had at home. Now, listen, I’d love to walk into The Container Store and drop a wad of cash on gorgeous organizational items just as much as the next girl, but it’s not in the budget right now.

I picked the baskets up at Dollar Tree several years ago. (I also noticed some pretty organizing stuff in the Dollar Spot at Target on my last trip.)

One of the “baskets” is actually an empty dishwashing detergent container. So technically, it was “free with purchase!” Look around at what you have, and you may not need to purchase anything to organize. And even if you do, you can do so on a budget.

So here is the before: (I apologize for the bad lighting- the laundry room has no natural light and apparently I took this picture at night. Whoops.)

cleaning before

cleaning close up

See? I moved the wicker basket to another location, and got everything else sorted by cleaning task. I used a pad of paper, a sharpie, and tape to label. Nothing fancy but it works!

My bathroom cleaners for the most part go in the bathrooms (see: store things where they make sense) but all of my other cleaning supplies are right here on top of the deep freeze. Out of reach for the little bitty ones, but accessible for me.

(Oh, one tip I learned at the homeschool conference I attended last year: label EVERYTHING. Even if I know what goes in it, my family probably doesn’t. That way, it’s easy for them to put away things where they go without reading my mind. :) That’s a free tip for today!)

So here’s your homework:
Get rid of your 7 items for today. (if you’re new to this series, start here)

Get your cleaning items organized.
Toss anything that is no longer usable.
Make a list of what you need to pick up at the store next time.
Use baskets to organize your supplies by task: dusting, floors, bathroom, etc.

Also, if you’re trying to get in shape, be sure to go print out the free Health Organizer I posted last week!

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