DIY Bath Salts

Bath Salts DIY for Homemade Relaxing Baths For a real boost to your health, cultivate the habit of  drawing a restorative bath at home at the beginning or end of each day.  Depending on the stress level of the week, choose your bath’s essential oils or length accordingly.  Sometimes, it may need to be relaxing, yet other times may need to be invigorating.  Occasionally, the goal may be to detox.  Often, baths are geared toward relaxing muscles following a strenuous workout.  After an injury, the intention of the bath may be to facilitate the healing process by minimizing bruising, reducing swelling, and relaxing muscular tension.  

Although, at times, the benefits of a bath may be achieved through adding essential oils, other times the results are achieved by adding bath salts.  With this bath salts recipe, joints and muscles benefit from the magnesium in the Epsom salts, Baking Soda brings the acid-alkaline balance of the body more toward alkaline,  and Sea Salt softens the skin.  Combined, these three ingredients create a very relaxing and detoxing bath.

Ingredients for Homemade Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salts Recipe

1 part Baking Soda

1 parts Sea Salt

2 parts Epsom Salt

Note:  For each “part,” use the same measurement.  For example, choose either a tablespoon, 1/4 measuring cup, or 1/2 cup measuring cup.  Some people may be more sensitive to the salts and are better off using a smaller measurement, where others enjoy indulging in an abundance of salt.

Step 1:  Blend the salts together in a bowl.  Stir well.

Step 2:  Turn the water on in the bathtub and add the salts as the water is filling.  This allows them to dissolve into the water.   Keep the water at a temperature that is not too hot.  High temperatures are not recommended for people with blood pressure concerns, and it may tighten your muscles.

Step 3:  Set a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights, lighting candles, and/or turning some music on.  Changing the lighting instantly relaxes your nervous system.  Favorite music choices for relaxing in the bath include classical, instrumental, oldies, and jazz.

Step 4:  After the bath is full, step in and soak for 10 to 20 minutes.  After soaking, take a quick shower to rinse off the salt residue.

Once you are familiar with the proportion of salt that works best for you, blend enough for a few baths and store it in container with a tight-fitting lid.  When you are pressed for time, try a relaxing foot bath.

Essential oils can be added just before stepping into the bath, as well. If you aren’t sure what to start with see the beginner’s guide to essential oils for some ideas or try one of these:

  • Lavender is a favorite and soothes frazzled nerves.
  • Rose is one of the most beautiful oils and a skin moisturizer.
  • Peppermint is invigorating and relieves muscle tension.
  • Rosemary acts on the lymphatic system.

Add just a few drops to a carrier oil, such as grapefruit seed oil, and then stir the essential oils into the bath or foot bath just before stepping in.

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