Spring Fling $150 Giveaway – Because we love you!

Spring fling $150 giveaway

Some blogging friends and I had gotten into the winter slumps. Not really sick or anything – just dreary and generally “blah”. So we decided to celebrate spring by putting together a Spring Fling Giveaway! $150 gift card to Amazon, sponsored entirely by ourselves for you, our amazing readers. Because we thought it would be […]


BuyGreen Earth Day Giveaway With Homestead Bloggers Network

BuyGreen.com Gift Card Giveaway for $250

In celebration of Earth Day 2013, members of the Homestead Bloggers Network have partnered with BuyGreen.com to make going green even easier!  With a generous gift card for $250, BuyGreen.com makes going (or staying) green even easier! So what can I find at BuyGreen.com?  Maybe the question should be, “what can’t I find at BuyGreen.com?” From […]


Unique Christmas Gifts – Review & Giveaway


I’ll be honest: compulsory gift giving is not my favorite thing. My absolute biggest pet peeve is being stuck at Christmas, obligated to give gifts to people who don’t need a thing and no time to spend racking my brain on something creative. Gross. Birthdays aren’t quite as bad, because it’s a day to celebrate […]


Parmesan-Crusted Bruschetta Chicken plus Giveaway!

Chicken change up 009

The last post of our Hellmann’s Chicken Change-Up series is a twist on a classic. Remember when I posted about the time-saving baked chicken parmesan recipe? Well tonight I made a twist on that classic (and delicious) twist! Chicken Parmesan and Bruschetta Ingredients:  1/2 cup Hellmann’s® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise 1/4 cup grated Parmesan […]


Mealtime Battles – They Happen, How do You Handle Them?

memorial day chilis 010

I think this is something every mom struggles with at one point or another. That moment when your child won’t finish his dinner. Suddenly they don’t like ____ or refuse to eat _____. This video by Ragu makes me laugh because I think we can all relate to the desire to  do what it takes […]


Spicing Up Pasta – Ragu Asks How do You do it? $200 Giveaway

Rainbow Pasta

In this “Mom’s The Word” video from Ragu, they want to know- how do you spice up pasta? For many of us, pasta is the go-to dinner for desparate last-minute meals because it is easy. But, I’ve learned that pasta doesn’t have to be boring. There are tips in the video below, but here are […]


Benefits of Sports and Team Activities for Children with Giveaway!

soccer kids

We’ve always tried to have our children involved in physical sports and activities. There are so many benefits for encouraging an active lifestyle in your children.  First we signed my son up for soccer the first year he was eligible. That was a stretch for me since I’m not someone who would consider herself the […]